Antahpuram - 29th April 2013 Episode No1276

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No of views : 1779 Description : The main concept of the story is the silence struggles, anguish and distances among the people living in Anthahpuram, the other side Jamindari Families. Anthahpuram revolves around an ordinary girl, Divya who becomes Rani Mrunalini Devi in due course of time with the only aim to fulfill her life ambitions. Divya, illegally born to her mother, rejected by her lover Anand takes a daring decision to become a surrogate mother for a Jamindari family. She grabs the opportunity to become the ruler of the family and attains the Status of Rani Mrunalini Devi. As the protagonist struggles to maintain her position, fights against her daughter- in law for property sake. Taking the advantage of spilt personality disorder of her daughter- in law she indulges her in a murder attempt. The life style, vision, struggle, emotions and dangerous attitudes of people living in Anthahpuram are excellently picturized-centering Divya as Rani Mrunalini Devi.

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